A Service Coordinator works to help you identify or develop Integrated Supports to meet your needs.  Integrated Supports include supports which are publicly or privately funded and based on eligibility; community supports that are available to anyone; relationship-based Supports; technology; and that take into account the assets and strengths of the individual and family.  Below is a list of some of the eligibility specific services a Service Coordinator may be able to link you to.

  •  Independent Living Skills Development. Services assist an individual in participating as a member of a group or individually in all aspects of a typical community setting​
  •  Personal Assistance. Services assist an individual in all aspects of daily living
  •  Community Employment. Services establish employment opportunities for individuals with disabilites in local industries
  •  Respite. Services may be provided when a primary caregiver is absent or needs short term relief
  •  Environmental Adaptations. Ramps, track systems, door alarms, hand rails, etc.
  •  Specialized Medical Equipment. Dietary supplements, incontinence supplies, etc.

Service Coordinators use the forms below to determine priority of need and additional request funds, if needed. 

Available Services